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FIFA PC Coins On June 15, 1985, FIFA has held a meeting in Northern Ireland, passed a resolution to fixed rules, and shall take effect on July 15.Major revision, the two aspects of summarized as follows:1, 2, 3, the original rules in chapter 10 and 14 on the referee suspended the game to perform a dropped ball game site rules, supplement is amended as: "such as when the ball in the goal area,FIFA IOS Coins should be in to stop the match when the ball location recently, equal the goal line with the line a dropped ball."Reason: combined with the rule, rule with the decision to drop the ball on the goal area at the meeting in 1984 is consistent.

Chapter 12 a paragraph of article 5 of the rules is amended as: goalkeeper in his own penalty area in the following situations: "a,FIFA PC Coins to handle the ball in any direction after the ball, shoot dribble or threw up into the air again, walking four steps above, not play the ball into the state; or in the process of walking and before and after, although has the ball into the game, but without outside the penalty area to consider another player or one of their players, both inside and outside the penalty FIFA IOS Coins area before the ball, his ball again."Reason: the director of the international football will consider that although changes in rules in 1982 and 1984 further instructions, but the reform did not play the desired effect, and delay time appear constantly, the international football board to miss the new models will ensure rule spirit respected.

The international council of football to state, regional, and national football association's instructions: the council only once again remind each association has the responsibility to ensure FIFA PC Coins that the referee and athletes to strictly abide by the rules of the game.Rules, on the other hand, the final explanation right to all the international football board, FIFA has the responsibility to inform belong to the association of amendment of the rules or decisions.In 1986, FIFA rules commission held a meeting in Mexico City on May 30, has carried on the the following modifications to the rules of the game and the referee criterion, and shall take effect on July 25 FIFA IOS Coins.

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